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Maybe it's just me..

.. but I'm finding all of the "awesome" series to be getting stale. The jokes seem to be all the same. You yell a lot into the mic, make silly voices and somehow that's supposed to make things funny. Apparantly it's just me, because you still manage to pull off a daily feature anytime you put an animation out. I dont want to be completely negative, so I do enjoy your drawing style.. It seems to be getting more detailed.
Above agerage

I had a fwe big problems with this movie

Yeah, a few big problems made this movie unenjoyable for me.
First, that "GoldenFOX"studios logo was starting me down the entire movie and took away from the immersiveness.
I didnt find the jokes/gags funny. I chuckled maybe once at the flag pole falling on the castle. If you're going to do a movie like this, you're going toned to dig deep and do some truly unique stuff.

The music selection was lame in my opinion. The fight scene between SM and HB was runied by that song. It didnt fit at all.

The last scene was ruined for me too because of that whole "technical difficulties" non-sense.

On the positive side, the production values for this flash were amazing, very hard to come by stuff this good, and you should be recognized for it. So good job for the production values.
Get a good writer and I'll look forward to seeing from you again.

Golden-Fox responds:

I'm sorry that you didn't like the movie. The technichal difficulties intermission was dissapointing. And I didn't know that the song in the hammer scene ruined it. I'm guessing you don't like alternative rock, but that's my opinion. And as for the logo, I didn't think it was necessary to talk about that because eventually, I'll have a newer one. Anyway, thanks.

Wow, I Love your anime inspired work

you have some of the most fluid animation that comes out of newgrounds.

I love watching it unfold.

The technical aspects of this animation must have been huge. all the set peices were fully detailed to a great degree and that really imerses people in the movie.

Great work, and fantastic ending.

Good animation bad choice of music

The animation is top notch, dont see much of this anime quality on newgrounds. The music turned me off though.

I still look forward to the release of the movie very much.

Not a bad flash

It was overall very average in the art and direction department. It seemed like a lot of other things I've seen on this site.
What stood out was the song and a couple drawings and animations.

keep at it

And I loved the Arrested Development "joke"

Very well done.

38 hours of your life = about 3 very enjoyable minutes of mine.

The artwork was very well polished in most places and the great care you put into the movie showed. The entire movie was very fun to watch.

Very high production quality

Wow, this has got to be some of the highest production quality I have seen in flash animation. From the fights, to the sounds, to the text boxes, It's all very very good. Keep it up man :)

Second comming bitch.

That was too good. Every line Jesus delivered was perfectly executed.

I dont respect it

Im voting 0 because the movie has no story and seems like a flash about violence for the sake of violence, which shouldnt be allowed on Newgrounds.

Put your extreme talent to use in better ventures.

GoreAddict responds:

The point was to make the goriest flash ever.

Loving your stuff man

Keep up the good work.
The animation is quality, and the humor is top notch.

Life is tough at times.

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